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Property in our region is as diverse as the people who are looking to move it on to realise their onward plans. There are no golden rules to follow to ensure that you secure that sale at the best price in a reasonable amount of time but there are a few fundamental house selling tips that you can look to interpret and follow to help keep buyers engaged and their excitement levels up.

Our property is our most valuable asset and we as custodians of our homes naturally feel a strong attachment to them but it is important to step away from your relationship with your property and look at it objectively from a third party perspective.

Small touches can make a big difference and a little money spent can be the difference between seeing a good amount of interest or entertaining a damp squib. The danger is if you put your property on the market with the “let’s see what happens” attitude you are less likely to achieve your price and timeframe expectations.

First impressions count

We are big believers in first impressions. It’s quite accurate to state that a buyer has pretty much made up their mind if they are interested in buying the property within the first three minutes of arriving at your home. You want them to walk up the drive or path already feeling impressed and excited to see more.

Make sure the exterior of your home is up to scratch and if your front door or fence is looking tired, brighten it up with a lick of paint. Put up hanging baskets to add colour and if you have a garden plant some bedding flowers. Move bins out of view and clear away anything unsightly.

Before you are ready to market take five minutes to walk down your road and approach your property on foot slowly. Take your time and think about what you see and more importantly, what your potential buyer will see. Are lawns tidy? Is woodwork filled and painted? Is render in good condition and how is the pointing?

Remember the more maintenance jobs your buyers sees the bigger offer against the asking price they are likely to make, that’s if they are not turned off completely. Consider that a buyers perception of cost to put things right is often larger than what a good contractor would quote for those remedial jobs.

Spending a small amount of money on your first impressions can reap great reward in your quest to get your property sold.

A fresh lick of paint and those finishing touches

It need not cost a fortune but giving your walls a fresh lick of neutral paint will make your home seem lighter and bigger. Try to tone down those strong personal colours or decoration as will be easier for the buyers to move in and use the rooms immediately than if the walls were still bright purple or lime green.

Make any minor repairs necessary – holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles, torn or threadbare carpets and poorly finished flooring and skirting can be a real turn off. Make sure the grouting for your tiles and sealant in the bathroom is clean, fresh and unsoiled. Many buyers will want to move in without making changes, so allow for this where you can.

If you are looking to sell the house as seen then you must allow some value in your asking prices to enable the prospect of buying your home to remain attractive.

Home staging

Spending a little considered time on the inside of the house can take your house sale prospects out of the lap of chance and put you firmly in control of your house move.

Declutter your home but try not to go too far and depersonalise it, remember you are not just selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle. Removing excessive accumulated possessions is a real must and a crowded home can often be perceived as lacking in storage or feeling claustrophobic. Try to leave some personality as apart from anything else it gives unimaginative buyers suggestions as to how they may live their lives in their new home. Ensure that areas of high traffic are clear and consider removing oversized or balky furniture if it detracts from the light ambience you are trying to create.

Dress your windows with blind/nets and curtains and ensure that the glass is clean. If you have blown windows look into replacing the seals as it will give a more cost effective solution than the perception of having to change the windows themselves.

As for smaller rooms and hallways a strategically placed mirror could well help with that perception of space.


Gone are the days where textured ceilings (and walls!) were the height of fashion. As tastes in houses come and go this ship has definitely sailed. There’s no doubt that plastering is a messy and disruptive business but smoothing out those textures should not be underestimated and it might not cost as much as you think.

The same can be said of busy carpets. From experience a majority of buyers will want to immediately change a patterned carpet. Light and good quality carpet can truly transform a claustrophobic feeling room into a warm desirable space. A few hundred invested can often add multiples of that sum to the offers that roll in.

Keep on top of cleanliness

You never know when they are coming. Some buyers will plan well in advance, others may drive by on their day in your area and hope that you can drop everything and be available at such notice. Keeping your property clean and tidy can really help mitigate your stress level when those calls come!


Ensure that you maintain a nice comfortable temperature throughout your property. Lighting a fire can really add an inviting dramatic effect so consider it when you have ready to proceed buyers viewing your property. You will no doubt have heard stories about the smell of coffee or freshly baked bread adding to the overall ambiance of the property but, if that’s not so practical for you, focus on eliminating bad smells as an absolute priority.

We all love our pets but when you have a buyer around make sure that carpets smell fresh and that your pets are secondary to the house viewing experience. Clear those drains and take smoking outside as it will help you in the long run.

You and the viewing experience

It’s important to give the buyers space. If showing the property yourself, give a quick polite introduction and a reasonably concise but informative first show of the house.

Buyers can feel awkward with a seller watching their every move and need time and space to talk amongst themselves about the property. Let them do this by allowing them some time to look at the property in detail after your first show, on their own. Reconvene with them at the end and ask them if they have any further questions.

How to sell my house fast

Selling your house quickly can be achieved simply by being sensible and showing some value in your asking price. When the market is buoyant, pricing your property well, should see immediate interest as in these conditions (of rising house prices) there is often a shortage of supply and choice for the potential be buyer. However, this is not always the case and whilst pricing your property under market value would not even be considered by the majority of sellers, it can often have quite surprising results.

Say, for example, the average price of a similar styled and sized home was £220,000 and your own was on for £200,000. On paper you would offer a considerable discount and those immediately proceedable buyers are going to register their interest straight away because they perceive value. This can often have a positive influence on price as, from experience, the best market value prices achieved from buyers are when there are more than one party interested in the property.

This is often how repossessions gain maximum interest. They are priced to give the perception of value which means their market reach and interest is maximised. Often more than one party will be interested and a process of bidding will result in the best price being achieved very quickly.

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