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Changing Estate Agents – what we can do for you.

Changing Estate Agents – what we can do for you.

As we negotiate our third potential sale from sellers who have chosen to switch their estate agents to us in the last three weeks I wonder just how many more sellers struggling to sell their properties that we could help achieve their property goals.


Underlying market conditions in the last 18 months have been very strong and agents have been reaping great rewards from their online listings doing a lot of the sales work for them – but there are still many, many properties throughout North Essex and Suffolk that seem to sit there, week after week. The internet doesn’t purely sell houses – the right people do.


Perhaps the selling agent has lost interest, perhaps the way the property is presented to buyers is not engaging enough to capture buyer attention, perhaps the seller is holding the agent to account to their ‘top end valuation’ which was given to impress and win the agent the business. There is nothing worse in this industry than over-promising and under-delivering.


Truth be told there could be a multitude of factors at play as each potential sale has different circumstances. There’s no doubt in my mind that social perceptions play a key role in buyer decisions and buyers who see property on the market with a long listing time have the attitude that ‘something must be wrong’ or ‘if no-one else wants it, why do I want it’.


The solution is a different and considered approach from a motivated agent as hungry to help as you are motivated to sell.


The key themes running through all our new instructions that are taken on from other agents is simple to break down. None of these cases required any rocket science but an objective plan of action which can be summarised as follows:


1. LISTEN TO THE CLIENT – you the client know your property and experience to date best. Our approach is to listen to your feedback and between us tailor make a strategy that fits in with your goals and highlights your property’s unique selling points.


2. TAKE A BREAK – continued marketing of your property can be detrimental to both your price expectations and chances of success. Taking a short break from marketing can often clear you from current buyers thoughts and relaunching in an intelligent way can revive all those ‘new property alerts’ being sent from the most popular websites, getting you back in front of the people that matter.


3. LOSE THOSE LACKLUSTRE PHOTOGRAPHS – with the greatest of respect to some of the agents out there, not all deliver photographs of a standard that engage. The wrong lighting (over/underexposed), poor angles and horizontal / vertical elevations that are all over the shop are some of the major pitfalls of the lacklustre agent. At Essex Country and Village Homes we take great time and thought over our photography. All are shot with wide angled lenses, the lighting conditions and exposure are painstakingly aligned and our photographs are developed with professional grade software. This results in clear, high definition photographs that show your property in the best way possible.


4. CONSIDER THE DETAIL – Are buyers being put off by patterned carpets, strong colours, textured walls and ceilings, poor woodwork repair? We won’t shy away from telling you how it is, you may find we have the valuable answer to the question of why that sale is eluding you.


5. THE VIEWING EXPERIENCE – Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and leave it to the professionals. You will find that buyers tend to give immediate honest feedback to an agent instead of the seller. How many times have you as a seller thought that the viewing went well only to never hear from the buyer again? An informed agent can keep discussion on track, pick up on buyer’s objections and attempt to deal with them immediately.


6. REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE – We share all of our properties with local agents in Manningtree, Thorpe Le Soken, Coggeshall, Walton on the Naze, Clacton on Sea, Holland on Sea and Harwich. Each one of those agents receives a share of our fee when they introduce a buyer to us. In fact our network of TEAM agents runs all down the A12 corridor and into the heart of London. Each agent we are connected with are motivated to offer your property to their clients too. This is how the TEAM network of independent estate agents works and it can really open the door to more potential buyers. It’s like a multiple agency service all for a sole agency fee.


Simply sitting and waiting is not the answer.

Take action, reclaim control of your potential sale and call Essex Country and Village Homes in Manningtree (01206) 589109 for Colchester and her outlying villages and Thorpe Le Soken (01255) 862332 for the Tendring peninsula south of the A120.

We make it happen.

Darryl Stanley
Essex Country and Village Homes

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